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Oral health is important, especially in children. Oral health plays an important role in the development of kids' health. Many times we have parents who have all sorts of questions regarding kids oral health and kids dental treatment. Here are a few questions that parents ask us most frequently.

When Should I Bring My Child For a Dental Appointment?

Your child's first dental appointment should be when they get their first tooth or when they turn 1, whichever happens first.

What Should I Expect For The First Visit?

During your child's first dental appointment, your dentist will perform a full exam which will include checking the gums, jaw, bite, and oral tissue. This will help access the oral health situation of your child and see if the teeth are coming in properly.

How To Prevent Bad Dental Habits?

The earlier you start teaching your kids about oral health and start introducing a good oral routine in their daily life, the easier it is to form good oral habits and stay away from the bad ones.

You can take care of your child's teeth by starting taking care of their teeth from the early age itself. For feeding babies, clean their gums after every feed. For toddlers make sure to avoid putting them to sleep with a bottle or giving juice or sweets before bed. Start brushing and flossing at an early age. This will help keep their teeth healthy. Visit a dentist as soon as your baby has a tooth or is one year old. Regular dental visits and good care will keep your child's teeth healthy.

Are X-Rays Safe for Children?

Yes, X-rays are absolutely safe for children. The amount of exposure to the radiation is very low and for a very short duration.

Your baby's teeth play an important role in their growth and development. They are responsible for saving space for their permanent teeth and are important for proper jaw development. Therefore it is important to take proper care of them.

Apart from good oral hygiene routine, there are various treatments such as dental sealant treatment, mouth guards which can help you protect your child's teeth.

Whether your child needs braces or not depends on the condition of your child’s teeth. If your child has misaligned teeth, overcrowded teeth or has an issue with bite, braces treatment will be recommended by your dentist.

It is quite a given for you to think that there is no need to save your child's milk teeth as they will eventually fall. But the child's primary teeth play an important role in saving the space for their permanent teeth. If the milk teeth fall before time, there might not be enough space for the permanent teeth and can cause issues with jaw development. Therefore your dentist can recommend root canal treatment to save your child's natural teeth.

Yes, Laughing gas salutation is one of the most effective and often used techniques in paediatric dentistry. It is completely safe for children and makes sure they feel comfortable throughout the course of the treatment.

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