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A tooth damaged by decay can be restored to its normal function and shape using a dental filling. Firstly your dentist will remove the decay from the tooth and clean the affected area. After cleaning, the dentist will fill the area using the dental filling and shape the tooth.

Filling close-off the gaps where bacteria can enter and prevent cavities in the future. Different fillings materials used for fillings can include gold, porcelain, a composite resin (tooth-colored fillings), & an amalgam (an alloy of mercury, copper, silver, & sometimes zinc).

We care for you and your teeth' appearance hence We help you to maintain the appearance of your smile by providing you with tooth-colored filling in surat.

tooth colored filling in surat

What are dental fillings made of? What is the most common tooth filling?

The most common materials used as a filling material:-

Silver amalgams:- It used to be the conventional way of filling dental cavities. These amalgams are generally made of metallic materials/substances including silver, tin, copper, and mercury which makes them stronger and more durable. It is suitable to fill the deeper and larger cavities, especially back teeth which need more support while chewing and grinding. A normal silver amalgam filling can last you up to 12 years.

Since the material is silver in color the filling is not suitable for the front teeth as it is not aesthetically pleasing. The changes in temperature can cause the material to expand and contract, this can cause the tooth to crack. Despite the controversy surrounding mercury in silver amalgam, the filling material has been declared safe for use.

Composite resins:- Composite is made of glass and quartz materials. These aesthetic filings are moderately durable and sturdy. They can survive from up to five to ten years, after which a replacement might be required. Since it is can be customised to match the color of the patient's teeth, it is one of the common options. Hence they are not easily visible to the naked eye. They are a popular choice for those who want their fillings to match the rest of their teeth and look natural.

Ceramic fillings:- They are created using porcelain material, which makes them both durable and cosmetically appealing. The ceramic fillings are tooth colored and are better stain-resistant than composite resin. The only thing is they are costlier than other fillings. They are used on large cavities to prevent breakage. One of the best fillings for severely destructed teeth.

Glass Ionomers:-Ionomers include acrylic acids, fine glass powder, acid raisins, and glass fillers. These fillings are more suitable for small cavities and areas surrounding the roots of the teeth and are also used with composite fillings as an adjunct. As compared to composite and conventional fillings these filings are less strong so they are suitable for front teeth only which bear a less or negligible amount of pressure while eating. The best thing about these fillings is that they release fluoride which prevents decay.

1. Aesthetically appealing

2. Long-lasting

3. Leaves more healthy tooth structure intact

4. Mercury-free

If you have tooth decay, you need to visit a dentist for dental restoration. The dentist will recommend the best type of filling to restore the tooth to its natural state. If you are concerned about aesthetics or the mercury content in the filling, ask your dentist if a dental crown, inlay, or onlay may be a good alternative.

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How does the dental restoration procedure take place?
  • Before addressing the cavity or tooth decay the dentist will take an x-ray which reveals the extent of the decay, and accordingly, the dentist suggests a treatment plan.
  • To perform a filling, your dentist will numb your tooth using a local anaesthetic.
  • He will make sure that this treatment is going appropriately by doing a thorough examination and cleaning of the affected area to remove bacteria, germs, food particles, and debris to ensure there will be no further tooth decay and problems associated with it even after the filling is done.
  • After removing the damaged tooth structure, appropriate filling materials are used to fill the space. He will refrain you from eating or drinking for a few hours after getting a filling to give it time to set and harden.
  • He may call you the next day to evaluate your bite and do necessary changes if required.

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