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Clinic 2: Makkai Pool, Nanpura, Surat
"Restoring Function, Restoring Smiles"

Missing Tooth Replacement Surat

Imagine a car functioning perfectly, well balanced on all four wheels. Similarly in dentistry, the mouth is also divided into 4 quadrants, upper and lower as well as right and left side, each having 7-8 sets of teeth. Removing one or multiple teeth creates an imbalance exactly similar to a puncture in one of the wheels or driving on only three wheels. The car will not function correctly and create problems. When you have missing teeth it affects you not only aesthetically but also causes other dental problems. Missing teeth replacement treatments allow you to regain the confidence to smile and restore the function of your mouth.

Dental Implants

Let us help you to replace your missing teeth and to restore your beautiful smile.

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All On 4 / 6 Implant

The dental implant procedure creates a permanent prosthesis by using 4/6 dental implants.

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

We can help you to fix your missing teeth and rebuild your smile by combining restorative treatments.

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Crown & Bridges

Eating is tough without teeth - Experience the difference with dental crowns and bridges treatments.

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Eat, smile and talk confidently with your Dentures- Don't let your smile fade with age.

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