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teeth whitening in surat

Do yellow and stained teeth continuously bother you? teeth can become yellow and severely stained by eating foods that are artificially colored, drinking coffee, tea, wine and smoking which will not only impact your appearance but also make you look unhealthy. As a result , patients at Nxt dent have their teeth whitened to remove the stains.

What is Teeth Whitening?

One of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments around the world is professional teeth whitening. Teeth whitening, sometimes also referred as tooth bleaching, has become a perfect and efficient dental procedure to lighten teeth discoloration, to remove stains and plaque that otherwise becomes difficult to remove during tooth brushing and scaling.

What to expect from a Dental cleaning?

The most important thing about professional teeth whitening is that the dentist will check your teeth and they make sure your teeth are healthy and ready for treatment.

At the dentist, when you get your teeth whitened, you also will have your teeth and gums cleaned so that plaque and tartar are removed.

After dental examinations you need to do a few important things:-

Dental cleaning: A dental cleaning starts with the entire examination of the interior mouth using a small mirror to determine the decay or tartar build-up developed into teeth or gums. A scalar is a device with a hook at the end of it which is used to remove tartar above and below the gumline by scraping an infected spot. If the tartar is found in excessive amounts, the dentist may apply procedures such as scaling and root planing as a process of deep cleaning.

Dental scaling:It is a non - surgical procedure that is used to remove stubborn tartar buildup in the mouth .To perform dental scaling, the dentist uses either a handheld, manual instrument or may prefer an ultrasonic instrument.

Brushing With a Gritty Toothpaste: Once the tartar is removed from the teeth, the dentist carefully brushes the patients' teeth with gritty toothpaste. Using a high-powered electric brush,the gritty toothpaste is applied to the teeth to get an even deeper clean. The brush makes a grinding noise, but the process does not hurt. A professional cleaning usually involves using toothpaste with different flavors you can choose from. The gritty toothpaste scrubs the teeth and gives them a nice polish, in addition to the deep cleaning. Dentists recommend this kind of deep cleaning twice a year.

Dentists Will Floss The Teeth Next: After the deep clean and polishing with gritty toothpaste, then dentists floss the patients’ teeth. Even if you floss daily, for accuracy you need an expert flossing. Having a professional floss also removes any leftover tartar that was left behind in the teeth cleaning process. Finally, the debris is removed using a rinse of liquid fluoride.

Fluoride Treatment :The final and last step to deep cleaning and tartar removal is a fluoride treatment. The fluoride acts as a teeth protectant, it can help fight off cavities for months afterward. The fluoride treatment, which is a foamy gel or paste is applied into a mouthpiece that is placed over the teeth.After a minute, the fluoride is rinsed off, and fluoride varnish is painted onto the teeth. Fluoride varnish has been proven to have greater efficacy when it comes to both treating sensitive teeth and reducing caries.

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