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Clinic 2: Makkai Pool, Nanpura, Surat
"Relieving Pain, Restoring Smiles"

Pain Relief Treatment

When most of us hear the word DENTIST, a shiver runs down our spine, and thoughts of drills and pain make us run in the opposite direction. Usually, we avoid visiting a dental clinic for even a dental check-up, and when it gets unbearable, we are left with no choice. Welcome to the modern world of painless dentistry. With the advent of new technology, knowledge, and the latest equipment, dentistry has become almost pain-free. So no need to run away from your dentist anymore, but make sure you know which one to go to.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Don't ignore your wisdom tooth. Get relief from pain with help of wisdom tooth extraction.

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Root Canal Treatment

Infected tooth?? Get the painless Root canal treatment to save your natural tooth and eliminate the infection.

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Cavity Filling

Get your tooth decay and cavities treated and protect your teeth from further damage.

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Kids Dentistry

Give your child good oral hygiene, and a happy and healthy smile with pediatric dentistry.

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Laughing Gas Sedation

With Laughing gas sedation, experience painless and anxiety-free dental procedures.

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